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Rules For All Offers and Coupons Downloaded from Plastic Surgery Coupons

The following rules apply to all printed/downloaded and presented coupons.

  1. All coupons are free to the end user or prospective patient and no payment is necessary to download coupons from this website.
  2. Each coupon is only worth its stated promotional value.
  3. To redeem the value of the coupon, the coupon must be physically presented to receive the stated offer.
  4. The value of the coupon is stated in the promotion. The amount of the discount and the amount due at the time of service should be clear in the promotion.
  5. The value of the coupon is determined in US dollars. United States currency will be the only unit of account used to pay for services rendered at the time of its use. No other currency of unit of payment will be accepted.
  6. All coupons must only be used at the specific location/venue/clinic/practice/business of the issuer for the stated service, treatment or procedure identified on the coupon.
  7. Awesome Medical Marketing and Plastic Surgery are not responsible for unredeemed coupons, expired coupons, unused coupons, coupon refusal or unaccepted coupons.
  8. Plastic Surgery Coupons are free. No purchase is required to obtain. No refunds are available through Plastic Surgery Coupons or Awesome Medical Marketing as a free online distributor.
  9. The promotional offer and value of the coupon will expire on the date stated and specified in the coupon offer.
  10. Plastic Surgery Coupons are not transferrable or redeemable for cash or any other form of currency.
  11. Coupons are not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  12. Coupon offers do not include tax or gratuity. All coupon offers may require additional services fees and taxes, required by the issuer or state and federal laws. These fees are due at the time of service.
  13. Sale, unauthorized distribution, resale and coupon modifications are prohibited.
  14. Awesome Medical Marketing and Plastic Surgery are not responsible for the outcomes of any treatment, service, procedure or surgery, including: side-effects, undetermined results, undesirable outcome, injury or death.
  15. Enjoy your coupon and cost savings!